Monday, July 20, 2015

WKMHCA Planning Meeting Held

MINUTES WKMHCA June 25, 2015 6 pm

President Diane Reed, Secretary Janey Wells, and Janet Ogg were in attendance at the WKMHCA Officer's meeting held at the home of Diane Reed.  Thank you for hosting and providing delicious food.

Diane reviewed the following State LPC Board initiatives:
a) Reciprocity agreements are being created with surrounding states of Tennessee and Ohio. To read more about reciprocity, go to
b) The Domestic Violence mandate says that within three years of initial licensing, LPC's need three hours of DV training. This is mandatory.  Janet Ogg will apply to be a DV assessment and treatment trainer in our area.
c) Six hours of Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management is required for LPC's every 6 years.  Janey Wells will apply to be a Suicide assessment, treatment, and management trainer.
d) LPC's will also need Kentucky Administrative Regulations and Ethics (3 hours) every 3 years.
e) Telehealth regulations are being drafted and the board is considering adding background checks to the process.
f) There will be vacancies on the board for an at-large member and an LPC.

Conference planning:
a) Fall 2015 conference will be at Murray State University September 4, 2015.  The current plan is to provide a training about Domestic Violence, given by Janet Ogg.
b) The Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management training (6 hours) will be held sometime during the week of December 7, 2015.
c) The Spring 2016 training at Barkley Lodge will be March 16, 2016 and will either be about Dating Violence or Regulations and Ethics.
d) Members in attendance discussed conference registration incentives such as a tumbler, notebook, pen, or bag.  Diane Reed motioned to include such an incentive/WKMHCA promotional item and Janet seconded the motion.
e) Presentation fees were discussed and it was considered that the presenters earn $100 per hour of training.  No final decision was made concerning this.

The next officer's meeting was scheduled for August 13, 2015 at 5:30 at Parcell's in Draffenville.