Tuesday, August 27, 2013

State Organization Update

Hello Mental Health Professionals!
I wanted to post this update to let you know of some of the things happening with KMHCA. This is a crucial time for LPCC's and LPCA's throughout Kentucky as the board is proposing changes to our licensure law and we continue our efforts to achieve recognition of LPCC's and LPCA's for billing purposes with Medicaid.

Our organization has endured some recent upheavals and changes - but remains a vital group for mental health professionals in Kentucky. We provide many crucial services, such as making recommendations to the governor for board appointments. We hope to provide more services in the future including a referral system for the public, a list of mental health facilities and practices that provide Counselors and counseling services, and a network of mental health professionals that strengthens our profession and our organization.
Along those lines, KCA, parent organization to KMHCA, has appointed new officers in the absence of a functioning central organizational leadership structure. As of June 14, 2013 the current officers of KMHCA are:
President - (myself) Amy Washington
President Elect - Alan Bakes
Secretary/Technical Coordinator - Shana Goggins
Treasurer - Jeri Harrel
KCA appointed the current leaders to a term that encompasses the remainder of 2013 and the next full term which ends August 2014. In that time the current leadership is charged with the responsibility of developing a functional and effective membership list and structure that will allow members to put the officer positions to vote in accordance with our organizational bylaws and will give all Counselors the chance to participate equally in the organizational leadership.
While some of the recent changes to the structure of KMHCA have been beneficial in that they have strengthened many of the regional chapters and provided more opportunities for professional leadership and development, there have been some disadvantages as well in that some areas remain without strong leadership and there is no network for reaching professionals statewide for the important tasks key to all Counselors in Kentucky.
For my part, my goals as President of KMHCA, with the help of our other leaders, and the accompanying target dates are as follows:
~ Review organizational bylaws and align structure appropriately October 2013
~ Host a booth at the KCA Annual Conference - Galt House Hotel. Oct. 23-25, 2013
~ Host an informal meeting for new and returning members to 
   share ideas and discuss organizational structure and bylaws Oct. 23-25, 2013
~ Develop a complete, functional Regional chapter leadership 
    list and contact tree...... December 2013
~ Create or reestablish an online presence through a website or blog...... December 2013
~ Cultivate leaders in areas currently without a functioning leadership... Spring 2014
~ (Re) Establish an organizational treasury account while providing 
    full accountability and open disclosure to membership... Spring 2014
~ (Re) Establish appropriate tax exempt status as possible... Spring 2014
~ Develop a complete, functional membership list and contact tree...... August 2014
~ Provide professional leadership and networking 
    opportunities through website.. August 2014
~ Develop a monthly newsletter/e-newsletter that allows all members 
    to receive effective and timely communications regarding state-wide 
    issues, proposals and changes to laws, information on CEU and other 
    educational opportunities, and a place for regional chapters to share 
    information about their events and leadership.. August 2014
~ Strengthen relationships with KCA, the state licensing board, and 
    the governor's office to allow KMHCA to provide the most effective 
    responsive advocacy possible for Mental Health Professionals 
    throughout Kentucky......... Ongoing
~ Support Regional KMHCA chapters in their efforts to provide 
    educational and professional opportunities locally Ongoing
~ Develop a system for responding quickly to members questions 
    and concerns while also providing timely information pertaining 
    to Mental Health professionals state-wide......... Ongoing
~ Effectively utilize technology to allow more complete engagement 
    of members across the state, to include a web presence, conference calls, 
    E-vents, and web-based voting and registration processes......... Ongoing
~ Provide accountability and dependability to our membership......... Ongoing
If you have any questions, are interested in getting involved, or are seeking a Regional chapter in your area please do not hesitate to contact me. I have begun compiling a list of our membership, so if you know of someone who did not receive this information and has been a KMHCA member or is interested in becoming one please send me their contact information.
Regional Leaders, please send me your complete membership list and contact information so that we can begin the process of establishing a contact tree for reaching all members with pertinent state-wide information.

Thank you all for your support and for the indispensable work you do in offices, clinics, schools, homes, and other settings around the state. I hope to see many of you at the KCA conference in October! 
Warm Regards,
Amy Washington, LPCC
KMHCA President

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